The beauty treatment with real face value

The beauty treatment with real face value

The lowdown

Mirror Beauty is located on Nevill Street near The Pantiles and is the only local salon where you can experience the Crystal Clear COMCIT facial. Owned and run by Chrissie Bailey (mother to Paralympian tennis table gold medallist Will) for the past 12 years, it offers a number of treatments. In addition to facials you can have your eyebrows and nails done there as well as a variety of massages, lip enhancements and make-overs, and there is also a hair salon.

The treatment – step by step:

The aforementioned Crystal Clear COMCIT facial involves freezing cold oxygen being piped on to the skin via a special tube attached to the COMCIT machine. At the same time hyaluronic acid serum is also applied using a special roller which helps to stimulate skin cell production, working deep down to the epidermis to nourish. This powerful combo also helps to plump and rejuvenate the complexion. On arrival at the Mirror Beauty salon I’m greeted by Chrissie, who will be carrying out the facial. She’s warm and friendly and immediately I feel relaxed – and ready to be pampered.

Step 1: Chrissie ushers me into her treatment room where soft music is playing and a very inviting heated bed complete with cosy fleece blanket awaits me. This is wonderful respite after having traipsed through the miserable rain to get here! Chrissie starts with a gentle soapy cleanse of my skin to ensure that the product can work its magic as efficiently as possible. After removing any traces of makeup and patting it dry with a towel my skin feels smooth and perfectly prepped for the next step.

Step 2: Chrissie spritzes one side of my face with the ice cold oxygen and I have to admit it does feel a little strange due to the short, cool blasts squirting out but I soon get used to it and have to admit that Chrissie’s technique is expertly delivered and deft. She then does the other side of my face and once this process has been repeated she gets to work with the special COMCIT roller applying a powerful hyaluronic acid serum. Again, because of the tiny needles on the roller it does feel slightly odd and prickly but before I know it I’m drifting off courtesy of Chrissie’s rhythmic technique.

Chrissie ushers me into her treatment room where soft music is playing and a very inviting heated bed complete with cosy fleece blanket awaits me

Step 3: The aim is to get those pesky aging skin cells to start producing more collagen and elastin which in turn results in a younger, smoother-looking complexion. Here’s hoping! Once Chrissie has worked her magic I’m treated to a stress-reducing foot and hand massage, which definitely helps to release any tension from my limbs. I feel all the relaxation vibes going on by now, and am really enjoying the pampering session.

Step 4: Finally Chrissie spritzes on a refreshing toner to really ensure good glow and by now I can almost hear my skin thanking Chrissie! My complexion feels like it’s had a wonderfully thorough MOT and it feels squeaky clean and really soft too. I take a look in the mirror on leaving the salon and sure enough, I spy a glowing and rejuvenated me staring back.

The result

Before I leave, Chrissie gives me a small bottle of Vitamin C serum, which is included as part of the package, and advises me to apply it at night just before I apply my moisturiser for a little extra boost. After a week of using it I truly am delighted with how fresh and frazzle-free my skin looks due to this unique treatment. I’ll definitely be going back for more ahead of the party season!

The 75-0minute COMCIT Crystal Clear H20 Glow facial costs £95 at Mirror Beauty. If you book a course of ten you will receive two complementary treatments. For more details visit

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