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Britain finally catches up with communications
For British businesses and residents alike, 2015 has proven to be a year of real growth coverage across the country. From the growth of VoIP to the mass investment in ? bre optic broadband, the communications network has seen unprecedented attention given to the way we communicate with each other. This investment has seen and will continue to see more and more people changing the way they talk to each other, browse the internet, do their shopping or watch TV and films.

Growth of VoIP
With growth in usage at around 30% per year, use of the internet-based telephone service VoIP is allowing more and more businesses to communicate with customers, suppliers and colleagues around the world without arranging long-distance call packages or expensive contracts. VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, uses the internet to connect telephone calls instead of using traditional telephone lines, allowing people and businesses instant connection, gone are the days of poor quality calls this has been enabled by faster and more reliable internet connectivity.

Fibre Optic Broadband
Earlier this year, Virgin Media announced it was investing £3 billion into the development and rolling out of its fibre optic broadband. Fibre optic cables transfer information via light instead of electricity, allowing hundreds of times more information to be transmitted. With this investment, and follow-on investment from other internet suppliers such as BT will eventually enable widespread high-speed internet access to become standard, rather than a luxury.

With the sheer importance of the internet, being online is slowly being seen as a right by many. This growth has led to the regulatory body Ofcom to change the way it deals with broadband contracts, simplifying the cancellation process and introducing a cooling-off period of three months if they are unhappy with the speed of the line. Now with these new changes, broadband suppliers are forced to ensure that customers receive what they were advertised.

With this welcome growth in the communication infrastructure of the UK showing no evidence of slowing, 2016 looks to be another promising year for the expansion of connectivity, with BT signalling the end of ISDN and the promise of the expansion of 4G coverage across more of the country now is the time to review your connectivity and voice platforms.

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