Take 5 with The Chapel

Take 5 with The Chapel

12th April 2018

Here are five reasons to head to The Chapel for a superior salon experience.

Bespoke Service

The Chapel in Tunbridge Wells offers totally bespoke services for your hair.

The Chapel forgo the typical services menu, so you won't often hear them use terms like 'Full head of highlights' or 'Balayage'. What they offer is always a bespoke?service that is tailored to you as an individual. They sit down with you and listen to how you want to feel and what you want to achieve with your hair, whether it's a specific colour or a new style entirely.

'Of course bringing pictures is helpful, but also bring your unique personality, because we'll have a lot of fun making you look good, but also making you feel amazing. To quote one of the greats, 'Be yourself; everyone else is taken.''


The Chapel's stylist help you make decisions by providing essential knowledge about your hair.

The Chapel breaks down the language barrier of hair jargon and makes a conscious effort to educate guests about hair and how colour actually works. Being knowledgeable allows you to be part of the decision and makes sure everyone is on the same page. There are even murals on the colour studio wall with diagrams to help visualise and relate colour to things we all know well, like makeup!

The experience

The Chapel in Tunbridge Wells ensure you have a great hair styling experience with 5-star hotel service.

Inspired by the way a 5-star hotel makes you feel, The Chapel say they treat people as guests, not?clients or customers. With no juniors at the salon and only fully qualified stylists, it allows you to receive 1-to-1 service with a stylist who will take you through the whole process. They have a Guest Relations Team that greet you with a freshly ground coffee upon arrival, and who will continue to look after you throughout every step of your visit, keeping your glass of wine topped up, of course!

Charging by time for simple pricing

No more confusing charging systems at The Chapel in Tunbridge Wells

Nearly 20 years ago, The Chapel were one of the first, if not the first, salon to leave behind the confusing and sometimes stressful pricing menus of a normal hair salon. Removing the fear of accumulating services and the associated 'price anxiety', they decided that charging by time was the most transparent and stress-free way. However many treatment services you choose to have in that one sitting, you only pay for the time required. If your total service length is going to be 90 minutes, that's £75 with a £50 per hour stylist. Easy.

It also removes that 'conveyor belt' strain - the pressure to get as many customers in and out of the salon as fast as possible. Instead, it allows your hair the actual time it needs and the stylists the flexibility to be as precise and creative as your hair requires, and in their words 'allows you to be relaxed and treated as a guest, rather than a customer'.


The Chapel in Tunbridge Wells is house in a 19th Century church

The name came from the converted 19th-century Baptist chapel itself. The three floors each house different spacious service areas, carrying their own unique charms. From the neon pink glow of lights in our backwash area, down to the beautifully finished, naturally-lit cutting floor, and again down the elegant staircase into the educational, interactive colour studio, each area is designed to allow you to fully relax, switch off from responsibilities, your phone and to properly pause in the moment.


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