St John’s Wonder Lights heated hearts on a chilly winter night in Tunbridge Wells

St John's Wonder Lights heated hearts on a chilly winter night in Tunbridge Wells

WONDER LIGHTS, the new community- based art event in St John’s, Tunbridge Wells, has lit up the long winter nights as residents decorated their windows with stunning illuminated displays on November 26.

Organiser Mat Waugh said: “This first Wonder Lights was a great success. I’m thrilled that so many people put such time, effort and love into their displays, and many more turned out to see what was going on.

“The creativity on display was amazing. I’d always hoped that together we could put on a show that would make people smile, think and meet neighbours they didn’t know, and I think that happened on that Sunday night.”

Wonder Lights was inspired by similar events held across the country. Mat, who lives in Stephens Road, came up with the idea after a weekend visit to Lincoln.

The children’s author added: “I’ve spoken to lots of people since who just wanted to see how this year’s event went, but are now buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm for next year. So I’m really hopeful that this will become an annual event for St John’s, and – who knows – maybe spread to other parts of Tunbridge Wells.”

Neighbour Cleo Lam said: “Wonder Lights is such a great community initiative which not only brought everyone together but looked fantastic.

“It doesn’t have to take a lot of effort but the rewards are great. We’re already looking forward to next year!”

Steve Bowen, whose family put on one of the most eye-catching displays in Hopwood Gardens, with three floors of Love Hearts and a mannequin offering free sweets, commented: “It was a joyous coming together of artistic window-lighting. It was enjoyed by young and old alike.”

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