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Spear Phishing happens to thousands of people across the world every day. No, it’s not a sport, it’s an online scam often targeting employees from specific businesses. The intent is to steal intellectual property, financial information, trade secrets and other confidential data via an innocent email that arrives in their inbox.

So, imagine you receive an email that appears to be from a colleague, friend or business that you know. You open it just like you would any other email, but this email is different; it’s not actually from the person who you thought sent it. The sender is actually a criminal hacker known as a ‘Spear Phisher’ who has previously gained your name, email address and a little bit of information about you to prevent their email causing any alarm and intercepted by spam filters.

The email message will refer to you personally and will be subtly asking you to supply some information and contain a link to a relevant website. You’ll likely click on the link without thinking anything of it and remain unaware that you have landed on a bogus website full of malware. The malware attack is often not identi? ed until it’s too late. High cost emergency IT support, is then needed to protect your business asap.

To prevent Spear Phishing attacks and raise awareness of this emerging scam In? nity now offers Spear Phishing awareness training for businesses where we sporadically run hoax attacks to all employees and monitor their response. We can identify and educate staff who respond to these emails and outline the potential security risks as a result of their actions.

Our security consultants can audit and suggest improvements to your existing email security setup to ensure your personal and business assets are protected from Spear Phishing attacks. Throughout December we are offering a free 20 minute initial email security consultation for businesses in Kent.

Please get in touch to book yours and find out more about our Spear Phishing awareness training.

Stay one step ahead of hackers. Educate your staff to think before they respond.

Call 01892 575675 or email info@infinity.uk.com | www.infinity.uk.com

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