Some of London’s finest craft beer brewers available to discover right on your doorstep

DRINK UP Pressure Drop’s beers from left to right: Pale Fire, 4.8% – £4.20; FØDJ, 10% – £6.20; Do It For Her, 3.2% – £4.20; Two Weeks In Florida, 8.5% – £5.80; Catamaran, 5.5% – £5.40; Internet Friends, 5.5% – £5.20

In his monthly specialist beer column, Alex Greig from the Fuggles bar and bottle shop on Camden Road profiles the Pressure Drop Brewing Company…


Founded nine years ago in a Hackney garden shed, Pressure Drop have firmly established themselves as one of London’s finest craft breweries. Over the years we’ve journeyed with them as they expanded to railway arches and on to their current home in Tottenham.

Known for producing some of the best juicy, hazy pales, fruited sours and big, delicious stouts, they are a regular feature in our fridges here at Fuggles. We have something for all tastes in the fridges right now and here are some of my current favourites:


Two Weeks In Florida

Another collaboration brew here, this time with Cheltenham-based DEYA. And when you put two breweries together who have a massive love for hop-forward beers you get something pretty delicious – and big in terms of flavour and abv. At 8.5% this Double IPA isn’t a session beer but it also doesn’t drink its strength. Brewed again with those magical Cryo hops and also featuring Simcoe, Mosaic and Citra, this packs loads of upfront citrus and juicy tropical fruits.


Do It For Her

This is a ‘table beer’ – or low abv pale. Coming in at 3.2%, it’s brewed with Cryo hops (essentially supercharged hops where the lupulin oils from the hops are extracted and pelletised, really ramping up the juicy, fruity character of the hops). This means this beer, while light in abv is still full of flavour. Galaxy, Eclipse and Mosaic hops add lovely tropical and stone fruit notes to the beer.



One of their latest releases, Fødj is a collaboration brew with Norwegian brewers Amundsen, a brewery well known for their big, dessert-inspired stouts. This is also Pressure Drop’s biggest stout to date (it’s 10%!) and is brewed with cacao nibs, chocolate fudge and toffee. It’s rich and decadent and utterly moreish.


Pale Fire

This was the first beer the team produced and perfected all those years ago in their shed in Hackney. It’s a classic American pale ale, hopped with Mosaic and Amarillo hops, giving it a lovely dose of tropical fruit, while retaining a balanced bitterness on the finish and at 4.8% you can happily have a couple!



A 5.5% New England pale (this style focuses on a lower level of bitterness and has loads of fruity, juicy notes with a soft and smooth body). Hopped with El Dorado hops, this beer shows off loads of juicy pineapple notes, some melon and tropical stone fruits.


Internet Friends

Finally, a bit of fun in the form of their latest fruited sour. This style of beer really flies out here at Fuggles – think of it as a fruit smoothie beer! This 5.5% beer is based on a Pina Colada, brewed with the addition of pineapple, coconut and vanilla.

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