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As Microsoft Silver partners we really know our stuff when it comes to Office 365.

In our previous article we discussed the benefits of using Office 365 on the go and discussed the collaborative working functionality enabled by SharePoint, also part of 365.

So many businesses invest in Office 365 but remain unaware that they are missing out on the full features available within the platform itself.

I’ll introduce you to three other particularly useful features commonly under used by businesses:

Become business intelligent
Every Office 365 subscriber gets inclusive access to Power BI, Microsoft’s Business Intelligence tool. This tool makes it easy for all analytical abilities to understand and discover patterns and trends in business data. Users can easily build graphs and charts to visualise endless amounts of data, which deliver insights into your client trends, industry and overall business performance.

Break down Silos with Yammer
Yammer is also free with Office 365. It’s Microsoft’s private enterprise social network with similar features to standard social networks such as Facebook. Yammer includes a newsfeed, user profiles, like buttons and groups. Colleagues can chat naturally, learn more about other employees in different departments or offices and collaborate and knowledge share using this tool which helps to break down those internal silos.

Unite using Skype for Business
Also part of Office 365, Skype for Business allows colleagues to easily chat with document collaborators and make changes. The best part? Even if you need to leave the document you are all working on, you can continue the conversation through Skype for Business on your mobile device or computer. Now that really is efficient working!

Don’t have 365 yet? It’s cheaper than you might think. Did you know that you can subscribe to Office 365 for as little as £3.10 per user/month.

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