Mix it up this Christmas

Mix it up this Christmas

So George, please can you tell us what you have in store for Christmas at Grub & Liquor?

We’ve got a lot happening this Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Each weekend in December we have DJs playing 80s and 90s hits till 1am, kicking off after your meal so you can make sure the party carries on. With our bottomless prosecco and wine offers all night it’s the perfect place to enjoy well priced drinks. A lot of guests who have booked meals elsewhere are coming to us for the after party!

Can you give us an idea of the number of cocktails you have on your menu?

We have approximately 35 to 40 different cocktails on offer at any one time. Our menus change seasonally and our fantastic staff have their own hand-crafted concoctions up their sleeve, which they shake up for their favourite customers!

Are there any cocktails that are unique to you and that you won’t find elsewhere in TW?

Every single cocktail on our menu is of our own design; we have shaken up the classics with our own unique twists. You won’t find our cocktails anywhere else. We love our guests’ reactions to our version of the espresso martini…

What’s the most popular cocktail on your menu and why?

It has to be our version of the Porn Star Martini. You’ll have to try one for yourself to find out why!

Do you like to experiment by creating your own recipes?

We are constantly producing new cocktails every week. We have a master cocktail list of more than 400 tried and tested recipes. We love testing new mixes and flavours with our clientele and on many occasions we give these experimental cocktails complementary to our loyal customers for feedback.

Which creations do you enjoy making the most?

We love making drinks that make our customers light up with excitement. Cocktails have moved away from being simply a mix of spirits to complete showmanship in terms of how they are made, how they look, taste and make you feel when you take that first sip!

What in your eyes is a classic cocktail and why?

In my opinion classic cocktails are those drinks you have always known. It isn’t about a cocktail from the 1920s or 30s but from what resonates with customers and what they enjoy drinking. We have developed many of our own classic cocktails that customers really enjoy.

Have you seen more people making the switch from drinking wine and prosecco to choosing cocktails instead?

Our guests usually ask for cocktails over anything else. We have built a very good reputation for our cocktails so people know where to go for something unique.

And finally, should we stick to drinking one particular cocktail or dare we mix drinks?

Dare to mix, of course. We’ll start you on a negroni and have you finishing on our candy pants cocktail by the end of the night whilst you’re having a boogie!

On New Year’s Eve Grub & Liquor will be offering a complementary bottle of prosecco and free buffet to every six guests who book a table.

There will also be a DJ playing 70s, 80s and 90s tunes until 2am on New Year’s Eve.

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