‘Macbeth is an amazing opportunity to show so many aspects of the human condition…’

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Trinity Theatre Club kicks off its run of Shakespeare’s epic tragedy Macbeth today (October 18). Here, actor Matt Springett, who plays the troubled and complex title character, tells the Times how this talented theatrical troupe are putting their own stamp on this classic play, which he says promises to captivate audiences at Trinity until October 21


What attracted you to the role of Macbeth?

As an actor, the role of Macbeth is an amazing opportunity to show so many aspects of the human condition. His journey is vast but simple, he is rich and deep in character, and he shows immense physical courage, consuming ambition and huge self-doubt, all of which gives the actor great scope.


In essence, what is the play about?

The play is about power, how easily it may be lost and the lengths to which people will go to cling to it. Macbeth’s ambition, together with his wife’s ruthless encouragement is corrupt, but their actions lead to his guilt and self-doubt, and ultimately both of their downfall and demise. The undercurrents of the supernatural and of appearances versus reality make this a timeless play.


Does the play still resonate today?

Yes, the themes have endured throughout the ages, before and after the play was written. You only have to look at the state of politics today, the corruption and abuse of power and the ability to trample on anyone who gets in the way.


Macbeth’s relationship with the other characters is complex, what are your thoughts on that?

What I find interesting is his ability to put on a façade for everyone he meets, with his own inner machinations. He is two-faced and has almost a separate character depending on who he is with. The other characters are just as rich, which makes what happens all the more realistic. Gradually, they see Macbeth’s true nature, and do not take long to question his leadership.


What has been your biggest challenge in this production?

Although the role is a fantastic opportunity for an actor, it is also very challenging; finding the depth of variety that truly shows his downfall into madness is demanding.


What do you think audiences will like about this production?

It’s punchy and exciting, full of heightened action but also portrays the intimacy of Macbeth with Lady Macbeth. The director, Helen Thorpe has put her usual unique stamp on this well-known tale. The cast of 20 accomplished actors bring it to life. We have a trained fight director who has choreographed the battle scenes along with some interesting murders which will both shock and captivate the audience.


Any final thoughts you’d like to share on this with us?

This is my favourite Shakespeare play, expertly crafted with absolute focus on the themes at hand. The story follows Macbeth and his downfall without a periphery of tangents.



Opening Night Offer: Two tickets for £28. Use the code: TTC2023 when booking for October 18. For all other performances, tickets cost £17 (evening) and £14 (matinee)

School groups: can go along for just £10 per student (minimum of ten students). Please contact Katie Sommers via education@trinitytheatre.net to book.


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