Learning a language with Claremont School

What educational and cultural benefits do you believe learning another language can provide pupils with, and what languages do you offer?

At Claremont, children begin to learn French in the Nursery through stories, songs and nursery rhymes. This early exposure to the language pays dividends in the Prep School where lessons become more structured, are taught by specialist teachers, and the vibrant language of Spanish is introduced in Year 6. I believe the benefits of learning another language go beyond just knowing how the language works and remembering vocabulary. Opportunities for pupils to learn about different cultures and where pupils can test out their knowledge in real world situations can make what children they learn in the classrooms, so much more valuable. We run Spanish dance, music and drama workshops and have links with many Spanish schools in our ISP family. At Claremont, we are also fortunate to own a house in Saint Omer, Northern France where pupils up and down the school have the opportunity to expand their vocabulary and practise their language skills in a fun and authentic setting. The annual Year 5 residential trip to ‘Maison Claremont’ is a highlight of the school calendar!

Madame Marianna Hood, Head of French

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