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Laura & Greg Fox 3

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Laura and Greg Fox went back to nature with a magical wedding set amongst the stunning backdrop of tall trees and wild flowers

Laura, how did you first meet Greg?
My husband and I met whilst at work. We worked in different departments and his mum was my manager. One day he came in to see his mum and met me. However, dating didn’t really work and we went our separate ways. Three years later, I sent Greg a text message asking how he was and then he was on my doorstep telling me how he had never stopped thinking of me and would never stop loving me.

How did he propose?
It was a tough day and Greg was working late. I met him in the kitchen when he got home. Then whilst I stood in my dressing gown he asked me to close my eyes. When I opened them he was on one knee with a Haribo ring in his hand. He told me that he loved me and wanted to marry me. I still have that ring.

Where did you wed, and what made you choose this unusual venue?
We got married at Wise Weddings in Five Oak Green. We decided we wanted an outdoor wedding in a wood – something unique and magical. We also needed a venue that would keep children entertained and give our guests space. Sam Wise, who owns the venue, was really laid back and was able to give ideas. It had amazing tree houses, outdoor sofa swings, fires at night, a marquee, proper toilets and it had an area for our guests to camp.

Laura & Greg Fox 2

What happened on the big day, and what were the most memorable moments?
Wise Weddings is not a licensed venue, so we got ‘legally’ married beforehand accompanied by two close friends. This made our wedding even more exciting for us as we had written our own service with our close friend and had our own personal words shared with our nearest and dearest. Both my father and stepfather walked me down the woodland aisle. My husband was joined by his son, who insisted on giving me a big kiss when I arrived, and his sister, who was ‘best person’. We decided on having a BBQ and buffet so our guests could eat what they wanted and we had tables set out in long rows so that everyone could sit where they wanted. Afterwards, we laid blankets out on the grass clearing whilst the children played in the woods.

We had hidden fairies and filled a chest with toys and bubbles to keep everyone entertained. In the evening we lit the fire and toasted marshmallows. The woods lit up and the children all had glow sticks so we could keep track of them. Inside the marquee we had a bar and band to dance the night away with.

Where did you start your married life?
My father lives in France and we have many French friends. Unfortunately, some were unable to attend, so we went there for a week and spent most of those nights celebrating with them.

Tell us how some of your key suppliers helped to make your day so perfect
Our BBQ, buffet and evening hog roast were supplied by Ben and Vivian from Whites Butchers – they were great throughout. Not only did they love sharing ideas but on the day we were able to leave them to it. Our guests all commented on how brilliant the food was. Amanda Jane Twort spent hours doing my hair, air-brushing my make up and trying to stop me laughing so it didn’t spoil. Kiera Elysia Designs created all the bridesmaids dresses. She truly was brilliant helping with the designs and ferrying the dresses to and fro. More Tea Vicar were our band, a pair of brothers who came with all the set-up and played anything you asked for. We grew all of the wild flowers for the bouquets and button holes in the garden. Tonbridge Taxis politely took our guests backwards and forwards from the hotel to the venue. The Wateringbury Premier Inn were really friendly and helpful when it came to the block bookings and keeping everyone together (and my grandmother away from stairs).

Laura & Greg Fox 3


Laura offers her five top tips for planning your dream wedding

1. Even if you think your groom won’t be  interested, talk about everything. A problem shared is a problem halved.

2. Accept that even the most well-laid plans may change. There is no need to get upset.

3. Stick to your guns when needed. Everyone has an opinion but it’s your wedding.

4. Make time on the day to just have a  Bride and Groom moment. Quietly step back together and look at your wedding, the guests and everything in full swing.

5. Accept help from others. No-one can  do it alone. Some people also have the insight to point out something you haven’t thought of.

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