If you don’t vote, you can’t moan

Co-founder of Pickering - Polly Taylor

The electorate is also being asked to elect a new chamber at Kent County Council and to choose the next Police and Crime Commissioner.

For the Borough elections, you will be asked to put your cross against the name of an individual you believe will do the best job in driving Tunbridge Wells forward out of the pandemic.

The Tories who currently control the council, and have done for the last 23 years, need to win ten of the 19 seats that are up for grabs. But in politics there are no guarantees and it’s possible we could see a hung council with no one party having the majority of seats.

Some believe that will be a good thing leading to greater transparency in decision making. Others say it will be a disaster with political infighting stalling any progress.

If you care about the place where you live, where your kids or grandkids are being brought up, then you need to find the time to visit one of the many polling stations across the borough.

The turnout for council elections is traditionally fairly low, around a third of people normally vote.

Hopefully, after what we have all lived through in the past year more people will exercise their democratic right. And remember: if you don’t vote you can’t moan about the outcome or where it leads. So make sure you make your mark today!

Richard Moore


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