How to get the feel good factor – forever

Tell us a little bit about Wellness HQ?

Wellness HQ is a community of like-minded people who want to support each other and help them grow both personally and professionally. It is a unique offering with a focus on building the Tunbridge Wells community with monthly meet ups and providing support for local businesses.

How has social media helped you establish yourself?

I had a blog where I documented my life with my daughter as a single mother, which led me to start a business to encourage other people to do things that make them feel good. Through the social media channels on my blog, I was able to build up my business network too, which has been incredibly supportive.

How useful has Instagram been as a tool to create your Wellness HQ business?

It’s great for building relationships, on both a personal and professional level. A few years ago I was contacted by an ‘Instafriend’ who offered me a session of coaching. We had never met in real life and to be completely honest, I didn’t know how it would benefit me but I was intrigued so I went along. It turns out that not only did I meet someone who ended up becoming one of my dearest friends (and now business partner), but the coaching she offered me changed my life.

Have you found that the local Instagram community has been supportive?

When you are part of a collaborative and supportive community it’s great. I have always been quite open about my life and have talked about some of my struggles. The main one being how challenging it has been starting a business from scratch whilst being a single mother. But my followers who have been there from the start have provided so much encouragement and positivity. I feel very lucky to be amongst such supportive and lovely people- even though I haven’t met a lot of them! 

 Have you/or do you have plans to collaborate with any other fellow bloggers?

Our Happy Hub is an online magazine for feel good inspiration. We have previously worked with food writer Melissa Hemsley, Dame Kelly Holmes, ITV’s GP Dr Zoe Williams and we are always looking to partner up with other bloggers and influencers in order to spread that feel good factor and behaviour far and wide! 

What do you have instore for 2019?

We have a lot of exciting things in store for 2019 which involve connecting our network of Wellness professionals with consumers and corporates alike. We can’t say too much just yet, but Wellness HQ is your one-stop shop for all things wellness, both at home and in the office! 


How Wellness HQ can help you:

At Wellness HQ, we define wellness as a positive approach to living. Instead of just surviving, we become thriving by making active decisions to enable us to be the best versions of ourselves, focusing on our 6 core and intrinsically linked pillars: 


-Socially: Up to a fifth of all UK adults feel lonely in their day-to day lives. Creating supportive and meaningful relationships with those around you has many health benefits, including a healthier endocrine function which means less stress.


Emotionally: Looking after our mental health is crucial to effectively manage our thoughts and functions, allowing us to cope with challenges. When we can recognise our emotions and learn how to deal with them (stress, anger, sadness etc) we can apply a positive mindset to avoid overwhelm.


Occupationally:We spend most of our time at work. If we are not feeling fulfilled in our jobs then it is crucial to achieve job satisfaction which leads to contentment, less stress and anxiety, and a healthier happier life.


Environmentally:The space around you can influence your emotional wellbeing. A tidy home can lead to focus and inspiration, the colours of a room can affect your mood, decluttering removes distractions and a well ordered space can give you a much tidier mind.


Physically:Move your body and free your mind. When we exercise we release the feel good chemicals, combine this with a healthy diet and our bodies reach optimal functioning.


Spiritually:The fast paced modern world we live in is overwhelming. Having compassion, joy and fulfilment help you enjoy your spiritual health and values, beliefs, and morals define your spirituality. Stopping to appreciate all of the different components that define spirituality can reduce overwhelm.




I think you have to maintain a realisation that Instagram is mainly edited highlights and therefore you should not compare yourself to others.



Stress has been described as the health epidemic of the 21st century by the World Health Organisation. So she created a central hub to inspire others to take back control of their health through simple and sustainable changes.


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