Have a fabulously floral festive season

90th Birthday Tea Party 7!

You will need:

  • Wire wreath ring
  • Roll of Floristry wire
  • Scissors
  • Secures
  • Wire cutters (I just use my scissors)
  • Ribbon
  • Foraged greenery such as spruce (you could use the bottom branches of your Christmas tree!), holly with berries, ivy, pine
  • Decorations such as Pinecones, Dried orange slices, Cinnamon sticks
  • Optional extras: Cultivated moss, Pussy-willow, and Eucalyptus

Step One:

Attach the end of the roll of wire to the wire wreath ring, find a sturdy join, fold the wire over and back on itself and twist it firm.

Step Two:

Take small flexible braches of spruce, be careful not to use braches with thick stems as they will not fold easily around the ring.

Start with just a few layered over each other, wrapping them on tight with the wire, keeping them staggered and trying to hide the ends of the branches underneath those you’ve already wired. You could also leave some stems unwired to give a more textured finish to the wreath.

Repeat to reach desired thickness.

Step Three (optional):

Leaving the wire attached, flip the wreath over and line the back with the cultivated moss, again by wrapping it firmly in place.

Step Four:

Now the fun begins! It’s good to have a design in mind so that you know where you’re headed as you being to wire in the decorations.

I start by lying over additional small branches of spruce to give the bottom of the wreath a decorative shape.

Add foraged greenery as base of the decoration first, try to strip a stem and thread it into the spruce you’ve already wired down.

Again, you must wrap the wire around each decoration you add; sometimes you can wire two or even three things at once! Hold the decoration in place and wrap the wire, firmly, around.

Continue this process, greenery first, berries and cones second and add things like oranges and cinnamon sticks last. My cinnamon sticks are pre wired, but the orange slices I had to wire myself. Cut a small length, pierce the orange, fold back and twist again.

You should be able to thread these into place without much need to wire them down.

To tie off the wire, wrap around the wreath tight 2-3times and cut the wire, leaving a small length to wrap under and around the wraps you’ve just done.

Step five:

Additional green decoration like pussy-willow and eucalyptus can again be threaded under and into the wreath and decorations you’ve already fastened.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you’re happy with the design. Remember to leave a small gap at the top if you wish to add a ribbon bow.

Step six:

Add a ribbon bow, hang, pour a glass of eggnog and enjoy the holiday season and greet your guests in style!


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