Guest Blog: Three exercise routines to prepare your body and mind for getting back in shape

Guest Blog: Three exercise routines to prepare your body and mind for getting back in shape
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Now we have our road map for returning to normality after a year of uncertainty, it’s got us all thinking about life on the Other Side. 

With gyms reopening on 12th April, getting back to a more active lifestyle is top of the wishlist of 60% of people in the UK post-lockdown, but have you prepared your body and mind for the shift?

The mind has power over your movement just like your physical fitness. Every emotion and moment of stress leaves a physiological imprint. Ensuring a strong connection between your mind and body ahead of your workout will guarantee the full benefits of exercise and help avoid injury. 

Before you jump into your trainers, try these 3 easy exercises from the Natural Fit Club team to reconnect your mind with your muscles, joints and inner ecosystem:

  • Crocodile Breathing

Power up and increase mobility with deeper breath.

Lie flat on your stomach with your arms down your sides and palms on the floor. Turn your head to one side. Inhale deeply for four counts, hold for four, and exhale for four. Repeat for as long as possible, then turn your head to the other side for an equal length of time. 

Visualise breathing into places of tension in your body, such as your upper or lower back, and feel these spots free up, ready to move.

  • Baby Rocking

Now, reset the whole body. 

Find a soft surface and position yourself on your hands and knees – knees directly underneath your hips, and hands directly underneath your shoulders. At your own pace, sit back as far as you feel comfortable then rock forwards to the starting position; no further to avoid upsetting your lower back. Repeat until your body feels light and free to move easily.

  • Rib Grab

Wake up your core! 

Lie on your side with your knees bent at a right angle from your hips, aligning your knees against a vertical surface like a wall. Keeping your shoulders stacked, reach your bottom-most arm straight out in front, and curl your top-most arm across your torso to ‘grab’ your opposite ribs. Slowly, breathing normally, turn to look behind you, moving your shoulder to the floor as far as is comfortable without losing contact between your knees and the wall. Slowly return to your starting position. Repeat 5-10 times, then alternate sides.

These three exercises are called ‘functional movement’ exercises, which is all about reconnecting the brain and body for better everyday strength, to help you get fitter for longer without injury. Rediscover your natural potential, and return to freedom with confidence.

Members of Natural Fit Club Tunbridge Wells receive a complimentary Movement Screening as part of your personalised exercise programme to help you feel better and stronger than ever and achieve your fitness goals faster, even if recovering from injury. Enquire today to learn more about our bespoke training, Gym, Classes, Spa and Café – your haven in the heart of Royal Tunbridge Wells. 

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