Grease is the Word

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TWODS are bringing Grease to The Assembly Hall Theatre this week. Co-directors Elizabeth Witt & Jessica Punch tell Eileen Leahy why they’re ‘hopelessly devoted’ to the show

Why did you choose Grease?
Grease is now in its 40th anniversary year, which therefore makes it a perfect show selection for our local amateur dramatic troupe, TWODS. We were excited to be asked to co-direct and choreograph the show and felt it would�be a great opportunity to produce a fast-paced, high energy production.

What makes it so special for you?
It has opened up the membership of TWODS, encouraging new performers and hopefully fuelling their passion to�continue into further shows. There are 29 in total in this particular cast.

Did you find it easy to cast the lead characters, such as Danny and Sandy?
There was a great turnout for the auditions with a lot of enthusiasm. It was a big jigsaw puzzle putting the cast together, but it was our job to get the right mix for the style of the show.

How long a period is there from rehearsals to getting on stage?
We have been lucky to have had four months to rehearse – and it soon goes�with only two rehearsals a week! The cast have also had to give up their time on Sundays. Once rehearsed, the transfer into the theatre is only two days before curtain up, so everything has to be slick and in place before we get there.

What elements of this classic movie and musical make it so timeless, do you think?
Grease was, and still is, so iconic. The story still has relevance to today’s culture, and the songs have been so well written they remain timeless and unforgettable.

How and why do you think it is still relevant for today’s audience?
Whether you are a younger member of the audience and enjoy a classic feelgood musical show, or an older member loving the trip down memory lane, it provides a perfect recipe to keep many generations rolling along with the story.

What are you looking forward to most about putting it on?
For us it is always good to see the finished product and watch the cast receive the applause they deserve for all their hard work – and putting up with us pushing them to their limits.

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