Ford Kuga Titanium AWD 2.0 TDCi

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Boasting immense power and a stylish refinement, the Ford Kuga Titanium AWD 2.0 TDCi offers everything you’d expect from an SUV and so much more. Packed with all the latest technology, the Kuga offers everything from off-roading ease to top-of-the-range safety features to make your driving experience seamlessly enjoyable.

Ready for all of your adventures, the Kuga offers bags of space and top-quality roof rails for the option to add even more. Whether you are taking an epic cross-country adventure or simply making the morning commute, the Kuga offers everything you need to have a relaxing journey.

Stylishly designed both inside and out, the muscular contours and raised position show that this is not a vehicle to be taken lightly, and the inside offers premium comfort with finishing touches to add an extra feel of luxury. Ford is the first to introduce Hands-free Liftgate to an SUV, making it easier than ever to gain access with your hands full. The Kuga offers more style and technology than ever before, redefining what it means to be an SUV.

The Kuga offers instant grip on any terrain, with Ford’s intelligent All-Wheel-Drive (iAWD) system, sensing changes in terrain and adjusting the power sent to each individual wheel. The system operates on an ‘on-demand’ basis, saving fuel on smoother roads and activating only when necessary. You can even check how much power is being sent to each wheel by looking at the iAWD information screen, which continually displays the information on a bar graph.

The Ford SYNC 2 hands-free and touchscreen infotainment system offers on-road entertainment at its finest, letting you wirelessly connect your mobile phone to control music and phone calls. Innovative voice recognition also allows you to search for nearby amenities with simple phrases such as ‘I’m hungry’. The fully integrated navigation system delivers real-time traffic and speed updates to allow easier planning and a stress-free journey. Parking has never been easier with the Ford Kuga, using Active Park Assist to steer for you into tight parking spaces less that a metre longer than the car itself. All you have to do is push a button and follow the on-screen instructions while the car’s sensors take care of the rest.

Available with the 2.0-litre TDCi engine, you’ll find both power and economy in spades, even in off-road conditions. The Ford PowerShift gearbox combines the convenience of an automatic with all the control of a manual; the six-speed, dual-clutch automatic gearbox is able to pre-select the next gear for you to prevent power loss when changing gears. This not only gives you a more dynamic driving experience, but also saves fuel and reduces emissions.

Enjoy optimum luxury with a number of deluxe features inside the Ford Kuga, like the optional panoramic sunroof that offers a more spacious feel as natural light floods in, and passengers can enjoy beautiful scenery and even open the roof to truly experience the journey. The roof has a solar-reflective coating that will stop you from getting too hot in the sun, and even includes an integral power blind to if you’d like to block out the sun’s rays entirely. Ford’s KeyFree System lets you lock, unlock and start your Kuga without having to take the key out of your pocket, making busy trips to the shops a breeze. You can even open the hands-free tailgate by waving your foot underneath the rear bumper, allowing quick and hassle-free access to your boot.

The state-of-the-art technology included in the Ford Kuga works not only to make your drive more enjoyable, but safer too; systems such as the Intelligent Protection System and Electronic Stability Programme allow you to get from start to finish with complete peace of mind. The Blind Spot Information System alerts you to vehicles in your blind spot with a clear orange light on the side door mirror, keeping you alert and safe even when you can’t see the danger. Two innovative systems are also in place to help you stay in your lane, vibrating the steering wheel and flashing a visual warning if you drift outside of your lane, then gently guiding you back in if you don’t respond. A warning will also appear if the Driver Alert system detects signs of fatigue, suggesting that you take a break.

The Ford Kuga Titanium AWD 2.0 TDCi is packed with innovative technology to make your driving experience better in every way, and is now available with a brand new ’66 plate registration, making you one of the most exclusive drivers on the road.  


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