Football: Tunbridge Wells lose their lead after dog invasion

Football: Tunbridge Wells lose their lead after dog invasion
PAWS IN PLAY: Jon Pilbeam orders the canine invader from the pitch PHOTO: Simon Crockford

So there was their former striker Jon Pilbeam returning to haunt them with two late goals as Chatham Town halted Wells’ 11-match sequence on Saturday [January 12].

But it was the intervention of a dog running on to the pitch from the Chatham Town supporters’ end which really gave them the runaround at the Culverden Stadium.

Two Wells defenders and a Chatham winger gave chase until, with some difficult, they managed to herd the offending hound back behind the advertising hoardings.

And after the canine pitch invasion the home side were never quite the same again. Some might say they were left chasing their tails.

The Wells seemed untroubled at first, going 3-1 up in the 73rd minute. But then Ola Williams was sent off – he left the field with his tail between his legs.

After that the home side went walkabout as the Culverden faithful saw the Wells concede three times in the last quarter of an hour to lose 4-3.

It seems Tunbridge Wells might need to find themselves a midfield terrier to make sure this kind of intervention doesn’t happen again.

To watch Crowborough Athletic fan Ben Braddock’s video of the incident, click on the link


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