Film review: Ready Player One

Set design in Of Mice and Men is sparse, but very effective

In Ready Player One, director Steven Spielberg drives home the nostalgia for his own 80’s adventure flicks, channelling the spirit of beloved classics such as ET and Indiana Jones with plucky heroes, bold adventures and high quality visuals that pop with glowing saturation.

The film will be featured in local cinemas from Wednesday 28 March.�

What we loved:

The visual spectacle. This is the best use of 3D we’ve ever seen, and frankly, we wouldn’t see it any other way.

What we didn’t love:

The dependence on pop-culture spanning several decades, some of which were integral to the plot of the film. If you haven’t got an encyclopaedic knowledge of movie and video-game history, you’re definitely missing out on some of the charm of this film.

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