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Sarah Gorman has worked in the fitness industry for over two decades. She has been TV star Davina McCall’s personal trainer and launched her BlendFit company 15 years ago. Now the local mother of three talks to the Times about her new app, created to help connect people committed to regular exercise and reveals why she’s so excited about appearing in the special Thrive Dance show at Trinity this coming Sunday…


It’s a funny thing when you’re asked what your job title is and you get a bit stuck as to what to say! The reason? Well I’ve been working within the fitness industry for over 20 years but I do squeeze quite a few other roles into what I do and so narrowing it down can be tricky!

I am a personal trainer, class instructor, fitness educator and a fitness presenter with a social media presence that I hope influences and guides people on their health and fitness journeys.

I also teach a whole range of classes from barre, Pilates, boxing, strength training, TRX and dance, with a firm focus on being able to have fun within the class, whilst achieving the results that clients are wanting in their bodies, health, fitness and mindset.

I created the BlendFit Method over the past 15 years to provide an eclectic approach to training – blending disciplines to create energetic and fun classes to get people strong, mobile, fit and healthy. By blending various disciplines together into one class you can effectively train your entire body, and mind, enabling you to feel you have given focus to your whole self

I have recently had this approach developed into my BlendFit app, which has just launched and I am really so excited about it! I know there are lots of fitness apps out there, but I believe mine has a personal feel to it and so I would ask you to become part of the community I’ve created along with my followers.

There are five live classes a week on the app, every week. And if you can’t make the lives they all go into an archive so you can catch up when it’s convenient for you.

There are challenges and programmes on there as well as a nutrition section. My hope is that the app will grow and I’m looking to collaborate with other instructors so that you will have a range of teachers to train with and the content will just get more exciting.

As a 46-year-old business owner and a single mum of three, I believe that I have a good understanding of how difficult finding time to focus on yourself can be. Like many other women my age I am feeling and seeing changes in my body as well as in my mindset and I want to be able to help relieve some of those symptoms and issues and help to build strength and positivity from the inside out. Getting people to move is hugely important to me and I think this comes from my dance background. I’m currently working with the incredible Cascade Dance ( who are hosting an exciting new platform solely for adult dance artists and companies based in the South East. THRIVE will take place this coming Sunday November 27 at the Trinity Theatre in Tunbridge Wells. It’s going to be a much-needed platform showcasing 12 diverse contemporary works performed by adults aged 18 to 75. Why not come along and see for yourselves how fun it’s going to be?

Tickets to Thrive at Trinity, which takes place at 6pm this Sunday November 27, cost £13. To book, visit:

For more information about Sarah, her BlendFit exercise regime and the new app, visit:

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