Coffee of the Week: The Black Dog

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Start your Monday right with our pick of the best local cuppas around

We went to

The Black Dog on Camden Road in Tunbridge Wells. The cafe has an all-day food menu and has been serving its Monmouth espresso blend since 2010.

We had

An iced coffee! It was a bit chilly outside, but the beautiful weekend weather has had a lasting impact.

We thought

The look

As it arrived, my iced coffee was the envy-inducing drink, as the frosted ice cubes and swirling cream instantly brought summer vibes to the table. I even heard an ‘Oh, that looks good!’ from another table.

The taste

It’s hard to go wrong with Monmouth coffee, and truth be told it’s one of the reasons we sought out The Black Dog for the perfect Monday caffeine fix. There’s not a hint of bitterness in the smooth blend The Black Dog offers, which conjures a hint of cocoa �

The price

When you take into account that the glass is mostly filled with ice, you’re looking at a small coffee for £2.40. The thing that matters though, at least on a Monday, is that the double shot of espresso remains the same – you’re still getting the same amount of caffeine, but in a smooth, chilled form. Perfect!

You can find out more about The Black Dog on their website:�

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