Coffee of the week: Javabean Cafe

Chicken shish

Start your Monday right with our pick of the best local cuppas around…

We went to

Javabean Cafe on the High Street of Tunbridge Wells. The cafe has been around for more than five years and if you can’t get away from the office, they do delivery.

We had

An americano with cold milk. A simple classic that’s surprisingly different from place to place.

We thought

The look
Always keen to get back to the office, I got the coffee to take away. Without the froth, there really isn’t much to make an americano look amazing, but the cafe itself is quite charming, with lots of colour and character.

The taste
Javabean use their own blend, and this definitely pays off. The taste was smooth and mild – no sense of bitterness here. If you’re concerned that it may have been weak, worry not as there was plenty of flavour and it definitely solved my usual post-lunch slump.

The price
The regular was £2.20 which is certainly not bad for the quality of coffee, especially in Tunbridge Wells!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find the menu irresistible, so perhaps factor that in the cost! I only popped in for a coffee and left with a chicken schnitzel sandwich too, which was quite possibly one the best things I have ever eaten. Money well spent!

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