Calverley: Are today’s kids all right?

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Times columnist Calverley’s observations on life, and more important things.

SOME kids do have them. Over the top parents that is. Calverley witnessed more than a few on seeing a group of youngsters boarding a school coach for a few days away on the Isle of Wight. They were aged around 10 and for most it was the first time away from home. But it was the mums and dads who stood there sobbing. How upsetting was that for the kids? One parent had even packed five days’ worth of clothes into plastic bags, shorts, pants, T shirts, sock etc., and labelled them for use each day so their son didn’t have to think what to wear. Surely these trips are supposed to help kids stand on their own two feet and think for themselves?

WHAT a week it’s been for returns of all those things you buy that don’t work out. As often happens. First there was the new upright hoover (£180) that broke down twice. Money back. Then there was the petrol mower (£280) that was too heavy and really difficult to handle. Money back. Topping it all were the supermarket roses (£6). They were guaranteed for five days and were meant to get Himself out of trouble with Mrs C, but drooped within 48 hours. Money back. Himself is exhausted.

CALL Calverley cynical, and many do, but there appears to be a wee bit of hypocrisy attached to the new appointments to the House of Lords. One of Jeremy’s new nominees is the veteran Left-wing activist Pauline Bryan.Surely this cannot be the same Pauline Bryan who is on record as calling for the abolition of the ‘Monarchy and the House of Lords”?Would appear that they are one and the same. Mind you who would turn down the chance to earn £350 a day just for turning up at the ‘office’?

ROUND of applause to Helen Miller who works at Benenden Hospital. She was brave enough to rattle the cage, in a nice way, of local celebrity Piers Morgan [family roots in Newick].She tweeted him to say: ‘Dr Hilary Jones came to our grand opening and said you’re recovering in hospital with self-inflicted love bites. Get well soon.” As Mr Morgan said:” I’m perfectly well… it’s Dr Hilary you need to worry about – after I next see him.”

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