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Here’s Calverley’s observations on people, life and more important things…

To the cinema and an encounter with a real-life version of the clumsy, drunken Bridget Jones character. During the screening of Bridget Jones’s Baby at the Odeon, the audience became aware of a woman in her 40s who had clearly spent too much time in the bar beforehand. Needing a top-up, she clambered across others in her row of seats only to return ten minutes later carrying two lagers. As she attempted to take her seat she stumbled and drenched a couple sitting happily, until then, in the seats in front. Being British they assured her it was ‘no big deal’.

Walking the corridors of power at the Town Hall last week Calverley was stopped by a well-wisher keen to sing the praises of the (relatively) new boss of the Assembly Hall theatre. It appears our friend JJ Almond is making his mark and is one to watch. But can he really make the big changes needed to get more people through the doors? Watch this space.

Our man in the Cabinet has won over one of the toughest audiences in the world…national newspaper hacks. Wearing his Business Secretary hat, MP Greg Clark met with the hordes for a briefing at the stuffy old Admiralty House in Whitehall. Post-meeting journos described him as being ‘affable’ i.e. a friendly amiable character, pleasantly easy to approach and talk to. To be expected, of course, from the Member for Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Oops. A great example of why it always pays to double-check your restaurant bill (or drink less). Calverley hears of a couple dining at a local gastro pub who were handed the wrong tab – it was for a table of four. They paid and only next day realised the error of their ways. Happily the pub reimbursed them and threw in a free drink for extra measure.

When two or three men are gathered together then talk almost inevitably turns to women. Calverley is pretty sure the reverse also applies. Anyway, a few eyebrows were raised when one of the chaps, an individual, told of when he stepped out with a 21 year old. At the time he was 51 and older than her father. Manners prevent Calverley from revealing more…

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