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HIMSELF likes to keep an eye on government announcements, and a good thing, too. Last week he spots the fact former ASDA boss Archie Norman has been named Lead Non-Executive Director at the Department for Business. He was appointed by Greg Clark, the Business Minister. Mr Clark is also, of course, the current Tory MP for Tunbridge Wells. The previous Tory MP, the man he succeeded in 2005, was Archie Norman. Small world isn’t it?

THAT august body the Civic Society held its annual awards ceremony the other day, and Calverley managed to gatecrash the evening. Much time was devoted to members telling the assembled that the society is often ‘wrongly’ attacked for being too negative about Tunbridge Wells and it’s buildings, which it is charged with protecting.

It was a good message, slightly spoilt when the society declared that it would not be making an award in the Best Shop Window category. There were no worthy candidates. It then attacked the Metro Bank frontage [above] as being the ‘antithesis’ of good taste. (You can look the word up yourself.)

WHAT a wag. One of Calverley’s friends happened to take a picture of the drilling in Calverley Grounds in preparation for the new civic centre. (How nice to name the most popular park in town after this column.) He then put it out on social media claiming it was the council fracking for gas. People believed him. Calverley’s views on those who take social media seriously are well documented.

WALKING near the Adult Education Centre in Tunbridge Wells, Himself spots a car parked across two bays. Surely this must be illegal and worthy of ticket? In the spirit of generating cash flow for the council, Calverley beckons a nearby traffic warden. Red faces all round: It’s her car. She mumbles something about a motorbike being badly parked when she pulled up. Sorry, no excuses. Rules are rules.

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