Calverley (24th of August)

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Here’s Calverley’s observations on people, life and more important things…

The £2.6m upgrade of Tonbridge High Street has brought some big changes – some welcome, others not so welcome!

But one thing that hasn’t changed is drivers are still not allowed to make a right turn into Medway Wharf Road just before the bridge. As part of the ‘improvements’, a small raised cobbled area has been installed at the junction to make the ‘no right turn’ even more obvious.

Therefore one driver was left a little red-faced when he tried to make this illegal right turn last week. He was waiting for a gap in the traffic when a police car came racing down the middle of the road towards him with blue lights flashing and siren blaring.

The patrol car was presumably on its way to some kind of emergency, but this didn’t prevent the occupants stopping briefly alongside the waiting vehicle to point out the error of the driver’s ways.

He sheepishly moved on, presumably relieved that the officers were in too much of a hurry to issue him with a ticket.

You’ve heard of smoke and mirrors, but how about sunshine and mirrors?

They were almost a lethal combination for one woman driver when she was following this motor scooter [pictured] in London Road, Tunbridge Wells.

There were so many wing mirrors on the bike that she was blinded several times by a brilliant white glare when they caught the sun.

Calverley hears that in the end the poor driver was literally seeing stars and had to pull over until her eyes recovered.

Calverley was honoured to be invited to a wedding in Tunbridge Wells. It was a lovely day, planned to perfection… until just after the happy couple had been waved off on their honeymoon.

The bride and groom’s very posh car had been bedecked with the usual ‘Just Married’ signs, balloons and tins cans, and they drove off laughing and waving, only to grind to a halt a couple of miles down the road. With all the anxiety over his speech, the Best Man had forgotten to fill the car with petrol!

The newlyweds put in a quick call to one of the guests back at the reception and an announcement was made asking if anyone had a petrol can.

Luckily a can was found, petrol was put in the car and the happy couple drove off into the sunset.

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