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MOVIE MONSTER: Adam Driver in 65

Matthew Dann reviews the new interplanetary sci-fi thriller, 65


This new Adam Driver film hit cinemas this week. To be honest, I knew little about it, but after seeing the teaser, I was intrigued.

Adam Driver is a fine actor who always puts in nuanced, powerful and emotional performances. The film has a simple plot: an astronaut crash-lands on a mysterious planet far from home, only to find he is not alone.

It has a run time of 1h 33m, which for this film, felt like the perfect length. Considering the theme and limited cast, any longer would have been a stretch. However, this movie is far from boring.

Having crash-landed, our protagonist, Mills, (Adam Driver) finds another survivor. A young girl, called Koa, played by Arianna Greenblatt. Having done so, he sets about finding an escape vessel. This is eventually found far away from where our survivors are located.

A long journey awaits. Simmering underneath this seemingly innocuous storyline is a deeper plot.

Having left behind his wife and daughter, Mills finds himself caring for Koa. Through the film, we are exposed to not only his physical journey, but to his mental and emotional one, too.

Adam Driver plays his role with exquisite precision – a helpless, dishevelled and emotionally drained, lone survivor who morphs into a man on a very specific mission – to escape the planet with the young girl in his charge.

Along the way, there are numerous twists and turns. There are moments that prompt laughter and others that will make any parent want to hug their child a little tighter.

This is a very well-thought-out film with balanced action and storyline. The bond that forms between the two characters feels both genuine and heartwarming. Throughout the film, one roots for them to find their escape vessel and to succeed.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film and highly recommend it.

65 is showing at the Odeon in Tunbridge Wells in various time slots.

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