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How does the care service of today differ from the care offered when you were first founded?
The Burrswood that was founded in 1948 by Dorothy Kerin obviously differed from the advanced care now available, but the fundamental principles have been carried throughout.

She firmly believed in bringing together mainstream medicine and Christian healing, which we still offer in the form of ‘whole person care’ – the care of a person’s body, mind and spirit. These values have remained at our core.

What are some of the largest changes you have seen in the medical industry itself?
There have been constant changes over the years. But we pride ourselves in providing a professional response to the ever-changing needs of healthcare in the UK.

The changes in the priorities of the government, in terms of fully-integrated health and social care, are in the areas of hospital avoidance and early discharge.

We are able to assist the NHS and local government in meeting these increasing targets for urgent care.
Also, the priority nowadays is the focus on mental health care (post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety etc), and public health (obesity and alcohol misuse) – all of these are areas of need that Burrswood’s model of care meets.

What do you look for when recruiting staff for Burrswood?
Ultimately, we just want people who have the talent, enthusiasm, and dedication to succeed in a place that keeps the love of Christ at the heart of all that we do.

People and teamwork are at the crux of what we do here, and we need people with outstanding customer service skills and motivation. A lot of our jobs are non – standard working patterns. Some staff will need to be able to work shift systems so we can ensure 24-hour, 365 care.

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What do you believe sets you apart from other healthcare providers?
It sounds like a cliché, but Burrswood really is different – it truly provides care in every aspect of a person’s health.

We make sure we cater to every individual’s needs, be it with a relaxing break in our beautiful guest house or a goal-orientated, multi-disciplinary therapeutic programme. With the input of chaplains and support staff, we ensure we always offer the highest level of care to ensure our patients achieve the best possible outcomes.

What advice would you give to anyone making decisions regarding which care service they opt for?
We are just introducing a new care co-ordination model whereby we will be able to work with patients to assess their need and create a bespoke whole person care package just for them.

Whether you come for a therapeutic session or a residential stay at Burrswood, we can offer something for everyone – we would suggest simply getting in contact with us so we can help you personally.

Whether you need nursing care, a one-to-one session, a group session, counsellors, care assistants, or a stay in an accessible room with delicious food and therapeutic services, we can help.

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What are some of the main struggles people face when seeking care services, and how do you believe these can be overcome?
We find everyone is different, but accessibility, affordability and appropriateness cover the majority
of concerns people have.

Whether someone is struggling because they’re finding private provision is too expensive, or they’re worried about long waiting lists, we can help. No one should have to feel like another ‘patient’ rather than a unique person, and we can support anyone feeling this way – be it anything from a therapy service or a programme -to help them feel more independent.

What do you believe are your key strengths as a care service?
Our unique whole person care approach has got to be our obvious strength – being able to offer care that is not limited to only one aspect of your wellbeing is fundamental in what we do.

Beautiful facilities and location are an obvious bonus as well! The heritage and experience we have here is something we are so proud of, alongside all the amazing facilities – we are actually one of a handful of places in the south east with a hydrotherapy pool, to name just one!

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What do you offer in the form of outpatient care?
Outpatient care is available in the form of our therapy services suite – which offers physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, counselling, and a wide range of complementary therapies. Appointments are easily available and we have specific group physiotherapy and hydrotherapy sessions for those with conditions like Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis.

We also have a great partnership with 3H Helping Hands for Holidays, who provide support for carers to receive rest and relaxation in our beautiful grounds, which we are really proud of – and want to continue extending!

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How does fundraising benefit you as a care service?
Being an independent healthcare provider and charity, we actually receive very limited government funding.
Our lovely charity shop in Crowborough helps us to raise funds for improving patient care and guest services.

Fundraising and volunteers are so important to us, as they directly enable us to help improve the quality of people’s lives – and that’s fundamentally what all our aims come down to.

Are your gardens open to all?
Of course! people are welcome to freely enjoy our grounds, healing services and chaplaincy support. we truly believe anyone can improve their health and wellbeing as a consequence of experiencing what we offer.

Our grounds are stunning, as well as our Tea Room with home-made light lunches and tea. It’s all open seven days a week – and we also have a Christian bookshop if you wish to pop in there, too. You can actually hire our facilities as well – so if anyone wants to contact us regarding that, please do!

How would you describe Burrswood in under ten words?
Transforming lives through whole person care.

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