Ant Man movie lacks bite

The Marvel hero is eclipsed by his team, says Times Film Reviewer Matthew Dann…


I MUST start this review with an admission. I am, generally speaking, not the biggest fan of Marvel films, which I find often tell the same story, with only a change of characters.

However, they are big movies with an equally large following, which means these films are widely watched and discussed, and it is well worth reviewing them to engage with the cultural phenomenon.

Is Ant Man the same as all the other Marvel films? Not exactly.

In a nice twist on the classic superhero tale, this film does an excellent job in taking the limelight away from the title character. Quite fittingly for a social insect, Ant Man ends up in an almost supporting role, and the story has been crafted to centre on the other characters.

Even as the film draws to its conclusion, when normally you would expect the hero to step up (which, in fairness, he does), it still feels as though other characters within the film are in the main role.

As superhero films go, this is fresh and original.

It is in terms of storyline that the film sticks to the tried and tested superhero script.

This works, but paradoxically that is the biggest problem.

You see, with most films, you don’t know where the film is heading until the final third. Even then, sometimes it is not clear until the final scene.

This makes for great viewing, as you are in suspense almost until the credits roll.

However, unfortunately, this is not usually the case with Marvel films.

Overall, the actors work well. However, it seems to me that Paul Rudd has started to become something of a parody of himself, without much character development.

All in all, I will say this. If you like superhero movies, Marvel, DC or otherwise then you are probably going to enjoy Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania.

The story is still a Marvel story. The good guys still battle the bad guys. There is conflict and resolution, and the CGI is the focal point, not the acting.

However, if you like films that stretch actors, that keep you in suspense, or that have a complex and engaging story, steer clear.

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania is showing at multiple times at the Odeon Tunbridge Wells. Certificate 12A.

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