A vegan-friendly vinous duo

Not all wines are vegan since animal-derived agents such as albumen (egg white) and isinglass (from fish bladders) may be used in the fining and stabilisation process. Fortunately, more winemakers use plant and mineral-derived fining agents, from plant casein and bentonite clay to silica. Here’s a couple which will appeal to vegans . .

2016 Co-op Irresistible Bio Bio Malbec, Chile (£7.95, Co-op)

Co-op’s vegan wine range is healthier than ever, boasting more than 100 lines. The community retailer pioneered clear wine labelling and was the first supermarket to incorporate allergen and ingredient info on all its wines. Move over Argentine Malbec and instead tuck into this brambly, blackberry and black forest-fruited red from Chile’s southern Bío-Bío Valley. The flavours are long lasting, and very well balanced. Alc 13%

2016 Samuel Billaud, Les Grands Terroirs Chablis, France (£17.59-£26.85, Waitrose Cellar & Berry’s)

Sip this unoaked, tastebud-tingling, stony, crunchy and citrus fruit-edged Chablis as a refreshing aperitif or with gougères (baked savoury choux), oysters, fish and chips, fritto misto (deep fried seafood), eggs Benedict, scallop carpaccio, cold lobster mayo or crab linguine. The palate is tight, linear and oh-so-right. Scoop it up! Alc 12.5%

 And here are two vegan friendly sparklers:

  • Nyetimber Classic Cuvée, West Sussex, England (£34.99, Ocado)
  • Duval-Leroy’s Champagne range, France (various)


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