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Phil Daley

In a world of big business and overseas suppliers, Tunbridge Wells Glass Works believes that customers want a more local service that benefits their own community and understands the job at hand.

Most of our employees live in the area and have been with us for many years, and the majority of our suppliers are also based in the South East.

Established in 1949, Tunbridge Wells Glass Works has grown in size and services ever since.  Founded by Colin and Stella Hamilton, the company helped to repair the damage done by WW2 bombs in the South East and then adapted as the industry changed to be the more energy efficient and safety conscious industry that exists today.

Since moving to Tunnel Road in the centre of town, under Ian and Fiona Hamilton, the company has continued to serve the construction industry and private clients with the same values since its founding.  Their recent retirement has led to Rob Hamilton, the third generation of the family, taking over this year.

The modern glass industry is a very different place today. An improvement in the strength, safety and efficiency of glass has made it commonplace in everyday life. Custom balustrades, shower screens and painted splashbacks that would once only be seen in shopping centres and hotels are now affordable to private customers.

Windows and doors have seen also seen vast improvements in technology. Energy efficiency is a modern necessity, whilst their security has improved greatly. Coloured and woodgrain effects are now commonplace and help customers to choose a style in keeping with their house (or eccentricities!)

We are happy to help if you have any enquiries so please find us at www.twgw.co.uk, contact us on 01892 522415 or visit us at our shop at 10-12 Tunnel Rd.

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