6 of the best cars from the past decade


Which have been the best motors to grace our roads? Jamie Baker gives us his top picks


Nissan GTR

If ever there was a car that was born out of the ‘PlayStation generation’, then the Nissan GT-R is just that. Nissan were out to prove that they could build the ultimate driving machine, and they achieved their goal. With an impressive electronic package keeping everything in check, the GT-R stunned the world with a top speed of 196mph, and�0-60mph in 2.7 seconds. That was supercar performance in a four-seater coupe, with a decent-sized boot that could embarrass many�cars significantly more expensive.
There are few cars that are as capable as the GT-R, and Nissan has surely made a future legend that will continue to outshine its rivals, let alone those that should be out of its league.


Lexus LFA

In the world of supercars, Lexus may not be the first manufacturer that comes to mind, but the LFA is truly something special. Announced in 2009 with a £340,000 price tag and an extremely small production run of just 500 units, it has become one of the most elite supercars available.
Extensively developed by Lexus’ parent company Toyota, the LFA joins the likes of the Bugatti Veyron and Ford GT40 in a special corner of the car industry that sees manufacturers develop projects purely as an engineering masterpiece, often at the expense of any financial gain. Powered by a naturally aspirated V10, this car is a milestone in automotive technology. Showcasing the Japanese giant’s abilities, the Lexus LFA is everything a modern-day supercar should be.


La Ferrari

This is the most exotic of exotic supercars. Bringing Formula One technology to the road, 2013’s LaFerrari shows that hybrids needn’t be boring. A 6.3-litre V12, supported by a KERS-style battery and electric motor, produced 950bhp and 663lbft of torque.�
With only 500 being produced and sold on an invitational basis, they’re as exclusive as it gets; many would be lucky to spot one out and about, let alone ever get the opportunity to drive one. The Ferrari LaFerrari has marked its place in the history books.

2014 BMW i3


Along with the BMW i8, the i3 is the German manufacturers’ first delve into the electric and hybrid car markets. The i3 is also BMW’s first zero-emission vehicle to enter production and in 2016 ranked as third biggest selling all-electric vehicle of all time. Exploring what will certainly be the future of the industry, BMW has shown that manufacturers are capable of producing viable alternative fuel vehicles.


Jaguar XF

The Jaguar XF has re-established the British firm as one of the world’s leading manufacturers. The second generation of the model, introduced in 2015, is an all-new design that has shown to be a worthy contender up against the market-leading offerings from Audi, BMW and Mercedes. The brand has a strong history in the sports and luxury car market, but there’s no doubt that the marque has struggled since its heyday in the ’50s and ’60s. The newest offerings from Jaguar are a welcome return to the top, and none are as impressive as the XF’s credentials in the toughest category going.

2016 BMW M2


BMW M cars have always led the way in performance and refinement. When BMW announced in 2015 that they were bringing the M treatment to the smaller 2-series platform, there was no doubt that it would have a reputation to live up to. Upon its release the following year, it became obvious that BMW had pulled off a masterstroke in its newest addition to the M family. Lauded for its refined, no-fuss driving appeal that many felt had been lost in some of the other recent releases from the M range, the only negative from its initial release was the waiting list for customers to get their hands on one. The M2 was proof that BMW were still capable of delivering what drivers really wanted.

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