5 exercises to help you get a flat stomach

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Five exercises to help you get a flat stomach or even a six-pack!

Battle Ropes

With feet at shoulder width, shoulders back and legs bent (a ‘squat position’), move the arms up and down vigorously to make waves in the ropes. Go for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds and repeat three times.� Tones your shoulders, strengthens your back and works the core dynamically.

Crunch ‘n’ punch

Lying on the mat with knees bent, sit up and punch the bag twice, then return to lying. Again, 30 second bursts with 30 seconds rest in between will leave you feeling the difference! Make sure you use your stomach muscles, not your back and the punches bring your obliques into play too.

Gravity boots

With help from a fitness instructor, put on the ‘gravity boots’, taking care to secure them fully, then swing your feet up to hook on the bar, before doing vertical sit-ups! Your core muscles will need some initial conditioning before this is attempted, but then it’s a great way to intensify.


Just about every Pilates move focuses on core muscles – both stretching and strengthening. It is considered an essential part of training for many athletes and dancers and, if practised regularly will definitely help get that flat, toned tummy. Start with a class – included as part of good gym memberships.


Using the cable machine at the gym (or dumbbells for variety), pull down and across the body. The start position is shown – the end position is with hands at hip level on the opposite side. Keep shoulders back and squeeze your belly button towards your spine to focus on obliques and abdominals.

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