20 things a bride-to-be has thought. At least once.

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20 things a bride-to-be has definitely thought. At least once.

1. If I don’t put a stamp on some invites, maybe the people we don’t want to come conveniently won’t receive them

2. I’m sure I could bake my own wedding cake, how hard could it be?

3. This is SO STRESSFUL. Why didn’t we consider Vegas?

4. I love my dress! I’m so glad I picked it – it’s THE ONE.

5. I’m not so sure about my dress now. Was I too hasty? Is it unreasonable to have several to alternate between throughout the day?

6. How much? Less than £1K – that’s such a bargain!

7. I hope our actual wedding is as nice as the Pinterest one I’ve created

8. Will the guests notice we’re serving Cava instead of Champagne? Should I make the caterers decant it into different bottles before serving?

9. If I plant them now, I’m sure I could grow all of the flowers for my bouquet and the table arrangements

10. Why aren’t my friends as interested in every little detail of my wedding as I am?

11. No, we’re not going to invite my motherin- law’s second cousin’s ex-husband. And if she carries on, we won’t be inviting her either!

12. Is checking the weather forecast for six months’ time at least twice a day excessive, or organised?

13. Will we have to change the dog’s surname at the vet once we’re married?

14. I hope my boss doesn’t notice I’ve been doing wedmin for the past four hours instead of my actual work

15. This is the 3,000th version of the table plan. I officially give up. If people want to eat, they can do it off the floor.

16. Is it unreasonable to add ‘designer handbag’ to our gift list? Just wondering

17. Why do we need to do wedding favours? Surely the promise of free cake is enough?

18. I cannot believe people can’t come. Don’t they know we’ve been planning this for YEARS?

19. Actually, I’m really glad we’re getting married in our hometown, it’ll be so nice

20. Shall we just book Vegas?

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