Recipe: Chorizo and scallop skewers

Recipe: Chorizo and scallop skewers

by Eileen Leahy | 8th January 2019

This is as lovely a combination of textures as it is of flavours. The scallops become slightly pink with the chorizo oil, and the taste of paprika permeates the soft flesh

Having a bag of frozen scallops means that this combination is on hand for all sorts of recipes - from canapes and stews to salads and risottos.

12 shelled scallops (or frozen scallops, defrosted)

12 x 1-cm/½-inch cubes chorizo

Sea salt and freshly ground black or pink pepper

Olive oil, for frying

Paprika, for sprinkling


First fry the scallops in a little olive oil in a frying pan/skillet over high heat for 1 minute on each side, until cooked. Add a good scrunch of pepper, then add the chorizo cubes and fry for a further 2-3 minutes, turning and stirring everything often.

Remove the chorizo and scallops from the pan, and leave until cool enough to handle, then thread one scallop and chorizo cube onto a cocktail stick/toothpick. I recommend putting the scallop on first as the chorizo does a better job of gripping the stick.

Repeat to make 12 canapes in total. Serve immediately, while still warm, sprinkled with a little paprika, if you like.


You can always add a little chilli/chili powder or paprika to coat the scallops before cooking, but I find that enough flavourful oil comes out of good-quality chorizo as you fry it.

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