Coffee of the week: Zaven's

Coffee of the week: Zaven's

11th May 2018

Start your week right with our pick of the best local cuppas around

We went to...

Zaven's, a gorgeous emporium of gifts, flowers and goodies on Mount Ephraim in Tunbridge Wells...with the cutest courtyard outside where you can sit with a coffee and cake.

We had...

Well, we started with two Americanos. And then we saw the delicious cakes, and ended up having a huge slice of pecan pie (which we shared).

We thought...

The look

Presented in charming blue cups with a little jug of milk on the side, we really liked the way these coffees looked - they had a quirky charm about them, like everything else at Zaven's.

The taste

The coffee was strong which is how we like it, and the pecan pie...well, we know this is supposed to be a feature about coffee, but THE PECAN PIE WAS AWESOME. And, it tasted nice with the coffee. Which was also very good.

The price

A bargainous £2 per coffee, and £3.25 for the pie. And the lovely ambience while you're sitting there enjoying your treats is worth paying for alone.


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