Coffee of the week: Patisserie Valerie

Coffee of the week: Patisserie Valerie

16th April 2018

Start your Monday right with our pick of the best local cuppas around

We went to...

Patisserie Valerie on Monson Road in Tunbridge Wells - right in the heart of the town centre, and famed for their huge slices of gateaux.

We had...

There were two of us on this caffeine mission, and one of us chose a regular black Americano, while the other had a double Macchiato.

We thought...

The look

A takeaway cup (pretty as these are) kind of ruins the finish of the drink, so a black Americano looked coffee. But the Macchiato fared better with a lovely foam top, which due to the miniature cup didn't disappear to the bottom.

The taste

The coffee was strong stuff, which is just what we needed. It had a slight fruity acidity to the flavour, not dissimilar to a rich dark chocolate.

The price

At £2.10 for a strong Macchiato and £2.30 for a regular Americano, this is definitely a cost-effective way to get an afternoon pick-me-up.

And no, we didn't buy any cake, but we really regret it now.

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