Bitesize: Wagamama

Bitesize: Wagamama

11th May 2018

On the hottest day of the year so far, Jon Bond went for cool dishes at Wagamama, Tunbridge wells

It may be a pretty huge chain of restaurants around the UK, but Wagamama is still a go-to venue for a high quality food when you're short on time.

The weather was stunning, and Wagamama had its windows open wide, making for a bright and airy atmosphere.

We had

I am a huge fan of Japanese cuisine, so picking from the Wagamama menu always poses a challenge as I'm spoilt for choice. In the heat I'm not looking for anything heavy, so opt for a couple of sides in place of a main. This isn't unusual at this restaurant, where food comes when it's ready rather than being held back in traditional courses.

Wgamama's beef tataki and chilli squid are perfect for hot days like this one

I order beef tataki, thinly sliced beef, very briefly seared to maintain most of its rareness. Drizzled in ponzu, a yuzu-based vinaigrette, this impossibly tender beef has a citrusy tartness that I simply can't get enough of, so much so I actually dip my other side, chilli squid, in the sauce.

The Chilli squid was a perfect texture

That's not to say the chilli squid is in anyway a let-down. The chilli has quite a flare, which really gives me a needed boost, and the squid is crisp and thankfully not chewy. I often find calamari a risky option for its texture, but there's no need to worry at Wagamama.

I wash all this down with a refreshing Asahi beer - well, on a sunny day, it'd be rude not!

We thought:

A chain it may be, but Wagamama is still an excellent choice for a restaurant to enjoy either alone or with friends. They are just launching their summer menu too, so I'm sure their choices will continue to delight.

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