We're hopelessly devoted to TWODS' performance of Grease

We're hopelessly devoted to TWODS' performance of Grease

17th May 2018

Charlie Bond heads to TWODS' performance of Grease to become a Pink Lady for the evening...

The first musical I ever saw on stage was Grease. I went for my seventh birthday and knew none of the songs, but from the moment I saw those hairprayed barnets, muscle cars and Pink Lady jackets on stage, I was hooked.

Grease is iconic, and 40 years after the film's release it's still just as popular as ever - so TWODS (Tunbridge Wells Operatic & Dramatic Society)�have chosen wisely�in deciding to bring the classic musical to the stage this week, as shown by the packed theatre.

Everything about this performance is impressive - the set design, production and costumes�are every bit as good as a West End show, and the casting�is spot-on too. When Sandy (Becky Histed) belts out Summer Lovin' I sit, mouth agape for a second - this girl is seriously, seriously good. Other stand-out performances come from lothario Kenickie (Dave Hynes) and the formidable Rizzo (Jessica Elliott) who are a great pairing.

The choreography is also outstanding - from pirouettes with tyres in Grease Lightning to a sequin-studded routine for Beauty School Drop-Out, these guys and girls can do it all.

TWODS have put their own stamp on the musical, changing some scenes to suit the stage - but die-hard fans, don't despair - all the songs you know and love are still there, and, *spoiler alert* - Danny and Sandy are Hopelessly Devoted by the final curtain.

If you have a spare evening this week then grab your leather jacket and head on down to Rydell High. And if you don't have a spare evening, cancel your plans - this�is one show you won't want to miss.

Tickets available at�www.assemblyhalltheatre.co.uk

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