Turning an old-fashioned quiz into digital reality

Local entrepreneur Adrian Conroy has recently launched a free daily online game. Named QIZU – the out of order quiz – follows the publication of his new quiz book, First Born.

Adrian teamed up with leading Tunbridge Wells digital marketing agency Bayhall to build QIZU.

Adrian exclusively told the Times: “I’m really grateful to Jon Coupée at Bayhall for bringing the QIZU concept to digital reality. His creative and technical expertise was central to making the game intuitive and fun.”

QIZU – the out-of-order quiz is a free daily online game inspired by Adrian’s books ‘Chicken or Egg?’ and his latest book, ‘First Born’.

“QIZU challenges you to sort a list into the correct order, with a different themed question each day,” explains Adrian. “QIZU can be played on a smartphone, tablet or computer, letting you slide four items into (what you think is) the correct order. You can have as many attempts as you need, and QIZU will give you hints after a few goes.”

He adds that QIZU will ‘show how your score compares with all the other day’s players, and you can share your score via social media’.

“A group of players in Langton Green have been playing QIZU each day and posting their scores in a WhatsApp group – non-competitively, of course!”

Adrian says that QIZU brainteasers are perfect for those who like trivia and playing daily games like Wordle.

“It takes most players about 60-90 seconds to complete a QIZU challenge, with many playing every day. People play QIZU in a coffee break, on the train to work, or at the kitchen table with their other half. They love the variety of question topics and challenging friends to beat their score. Give it a go!”

His latest book, ‘First Born’, follows in the footsteps of Adrian’s popular quiz book ‘Chicken or Egg?’ which he published last year. Both books challenge the reader to put themed lists into chronological order – a unique format that hadn’t been published before.

“First Born challenges you to sort themed groups of household names into birth order. It features actors, musicians, sport stars, TV personalities, the great and the good…” Adrian says.

“We all think we’re a good judge of other people’s ages, but it’s not as easy as you might think – there are plenty of surprises. And you’ll discover who is (pleasingly) older and (annoyingly)
younger than you!”

Themed questions in Chicken or Egg? test the reader’s recall of news stories, iconic sporting moments and contemporary popular culture – everything from TV shows to cherished childhood toys and sweets.

Adrian told the Times of Tunbridge Wells what motivates his writing: “I enjoy creating quiz questions that gently challenge readers to get their own memories in order but also evoke nostalgia and fond recollections from their younger life. Readers tell me they enjoy playing the challenges with friends and family after a meal together. The questions certainly spark some interesting conversations.”

Adrian adds: “If you like a quiz you’ll enjoy my books. And if you’ve got a couple of decades on the clock and an ‘ology in chronology’, you’ll love them!”

For further details, visit: qizu.co.uk

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