Tunbridge Wells entrepreneur founds football movement to end youth homelessness

Pam Mills

Goal 17 was founded last week by Tunbridge Wells entrepreneur Fran Boorman, alongside former player Keith Mabbutt, and aims to connect youngsters in need with businesses.

Ms Boorman, who lives in Langton Green, told the Times that Goal 17 will offer firms the chance to enjoy a team building day out at a Premier League club and meet a team legend.

Businesses who subscribe to this will additionally help a disadvantaged person, aged 16 to 24, through a ten week course, by providing mentoring sessions over the phone once a week.

The youngster will also attend a football training session, led by charity Street Soccer Foundation, and receive important life skills with the aim of being in a strong position to transfer into education or employment by the end.

Participating firms would fund the project by paying for the team building session, at which they would get opportunity to meet the young people they had supported.

West Ham United have already confirmed they are onside with Manchester United set to follow, while other Premier League teams have also reportedly shown an interest.

Ms Boorman said: “This experience will not only change the young people, but we expect to see our corporate clients gain equally.

“They will learn vast amounts about themselves and become more engaged employees with an emotional attachment to the power of good that their company is achieving.

“The young people will also benefit vastly from their sponsor’s experience and association with people already in the work place.”

The name relates to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which included ending poverty.

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