Travel firm enters the e-sport market

Travel firm enters the e-sport market
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CT Travel Group, based at the Orchard Business Centre in North Farm Road, have set up a specialist e-sports division to provide comprehensive and personable travel management to the e-sports industry, saving teams time, money and stress.

E-sports are competitive video game tournaments where players can travel around the world to compete against other gamers.

Professional e-sports players have been known to earn millions from tournaments, playing such well-known games as Fortnite, Call of Duty, Overwatch and HALO.

CT Travel says that while sports teams have used travel management companies for many years, until now the industry has neglected to recognise the scale and popularity of e-sports and the intricacies of their travel requirements.

Alan Margerison, a travel consultant at the company, and a former gamer himself, explained why there has been a rapid rise in the e-sport market.

He commented: “When I used to play competitively, there wasn’t such a thing as professional players. I understand with the massive amounts of money on the line, fans, lights, shout casters and millions watching now, that the amount of preparation required is huge.

 “Because I still have a love for watching and playing games, I can see the real benefit that CT E-sports Travel Management can offer organisations and teams.

“Not only can we save teams money on travel, we can also remove all the stress from the players and managers and let them focus on the game at hand.”

He added that the e-sport division at CT Travel provides a complete suite of travel management services to e-sports organisations, handling every aspect of travel – from flights, hotels and visas to group travel and end-to-end event management, all with their personable, high-touch service.


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