New spring water business is source of pride for town

WATER WORKS: Simon Squibb (left) and Samuel Danby
WATER WORKS: Simon Squibb (left) and Samuel Danby

ROYAL Tunbridge Wells Water is on a mission to put the sparkle into the summer as the tourist hordes pour on to The Pantiles.

Entrepreneur and angel investor, Simon Squibb joined Royal Tunbridge Wells
Water a year ago, bringing his investment background to the project founded by Samuel Danby.

The company filters, dilutes and bottles mineral water from the historic Chalybeate Spring, producing six mixes for sale, including a ‘Natural’ uncarbonated mineral water, an un-flavoured ‘Bubbles’ bottle and four other lightly-carbonated, flavoured waters, Mr Squibb explained.

“People used to take natural ingredients and crush them into the water to give it some taste. We played on that by taking natural ingredients from around Tunbridge Wells,” he told the Times.

“It has a reduced iron content, so it is less strong-tasting – but it’s still natural mineral water. That’s what makes it special.”

Meanwhile, thanks to Mr Danby’s theatrical background, the company is making the most of the spring’s history and location with theatrical touches such as live music and a visit by ‘Lord North’, who discovered the spring in 1606.

“We’re trying to make it more of a tourist attraction. We want to make people proud of it [the historic spring] again. After all, this is what Tunbridge Wells is named after!” said Mr Squibb.

Royal TW Water is open every weekend, but the bottled water is already available
in The Cakeshed and The Buzz.

Royal TW Water is open every weekend at the Dippers’ Hall on The Pantiles:

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