NASA astronaut lands in Kent to headline global business event

Tony Antonelli Photo:

NASA astronaut Tony Antonelli will address international business leaders at the Innovation Festival for Global Working, which takes place at Relocate Global’s headquarters in Lamberhurst tomorrow (Thursday June 8).

Mr Antonelli, a naval aviator and test pilot with engineering degrees from MIT and University of Washington, also served as the pilot for two Space Shuttle missions.

After retiring from NASA, he worked at Lockheed Martin, undertaking executive roles, such as Chief Technologist and Director of Advanced Programs, and Artemis II Mission Director for the Orion Program Office.

Mr Antonelli will be the day’s leading attraction, making three presentations throughout the morning at a multi-layered, festival-style event that looks at how the practices and techniques used in Space Science can positively impact the future of global working.

His presentations will cover his personal journey to becoming an astronaut, as well as broader themes, such as problem-solving, innovation, global leadership and how the learnings of Space Science are relevant to all sectors of business.

Chris Barber, Founder and Director of the International Space School Educational Trust (ISSET), will join Mr Antonelli for the Q&A session.

BAFTA-nominated TV presenter Jayne Constantinis will host the afternoon, leading a keynote panel discussion on the future of the workplace and the global trends affecting diverse industry sectors.

The afternoon will also feature a number of ‘innovation hubs’, where interactive workshops and facilitated discussions with experts from across leadership, business, global mobility and education will take place.

Business leaders will engage with their peers, share ideas and explore how the ground-breaking, cutting-edge technology and knowledge at the forefront of space science can be used to turbo-charge their own sectors, helping to boost growth and productivity and radically shape innovation.

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