Making money from thin air

Making money from thin air

A FORMER Tunbridge Wells resident turned expat has launched a new venture that has raised eyebrows around the world.

John Green, who left Tunbridge Wells 20 years ago to live in Basel, Switzerland, believes there is a market for bottled alpine air – which he is selling for up to £200 per jar.

The 64-year-old only launched the company during the last weekend of February, but it has gained the attention of news outlets not just in the UK and his adoptive country, but in the US, India and Middle East.

In a promotional video on his website Genuine Mountain Air from Switzerland, Mr Green plugs the business, stating: “If you’re sitting in some polluted town, which you probably are, gasping with diesel fumes, we’re at 3,000 metres, and we’ve just got new supplies of mountain air… so get yours.”

He goes on to add that one quarter of all profits will go to World Vision, an international charity devoted to improving the lives of the most vulnerable children.

His website says the sealed jars of ‘magic air’ from Switzerland would make the ‘ultimate present’ for the man or woman that ‘has everything.’

Each jar of the air, which is collected in a ‘secret location’ comes with a signed certificate of authenticity and the GPS coordinates of exactly where it was collected.

The amount of air the purchaser can buy comes in three volumes, a £78 pint, known as the ‘demi’, a one quart ‘magnum’ and a three quarter gallon ‘Jeroboam’.

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