Get ready for a touch of funk at the networking event of the year

To entertain the 200 plus-strong audience at Salomons Estate on May 30, Funk2K have been confirmed, and although you may not have heard of them, you may know of their former singer—X Factor winner, Olly Murs.

“I went to school with Olly,” said guitarist with Funk2K, Andrew Pash. “He was with us for six months but decided to leave the band to go solo, which was when he appeared on X Factor.”

While Olly Murs’ career has gone stratospheric since leaving Funk2K, the six-piece band from Essex are not doing too badly themselves, having kicked off gigs for some notable big names.

“We’ve opened for Alexandra O’Neil and Mike Reaves, to name a few, and we’re still really good friends with Olly, and played at his sister’s wedding,” claimed Pash.

He said the band, which consists of drummer, Julian Harrington, bass player, Buster Foster, Steve Wilson on keys, while singers Frankie Taylor and Jessi Cooper front the group.

The group was formed in the year 2000, hence the name, but Pash says do not be put off by their name.

“Funk2K might sound like we only play funk, but we play a range of favourites, including 70s and 80s funk, disco, soul, and a few modern songs.”

He said guests at the Business Awards can expect to hear plenty of well-known tracks from the last few decades, including Good Times, originally performed by Chic, Cool and the Gang’s Get Down on it, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, and even a 90’s medley featuring a bit of house.

“It is all based around getting people dancing,” said Pash. “We do what we do regardless of the type of gig, whether a wedding, festival or an award event like the Times Business Awards. We gauge it was we go, and if people are ready to party then so are we.”

He added that it is not the first time the band has played Royal Tunbridge Wells, and the band is really looking forward to coming back.

“We played a wedding here a year or so ago. It was a great event, and it is a great town. I know there’s a really good live music scene here, so we are all looking forward to playing Tunbridge Wells again,” he said.

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