Friends stick together to launch HRT patch spray

Amy Simpson and Lisa Farley

Business partners Amy Simpson and Lisa Farley were tired of having hormone replacement therapy (HRT) patch residue sticking to their skin, so they decided to create their own cosmetic product.

Just eight weeks after the launch of Nudi Spray, which retails at £15 for a starter kit, the good friends say they have ‘sold hundreds’ of cans of the product and received high praise from satisfied customers – including Davina McCall.

The pair, both 51, first came up with the idea in 2022 when comparing ‘sticky patch stories’ after their summer holidays.

While HRT patches were relieving their symptoms, the leftover glue residue was bringing a new irritation. Among friends, the pair heard the same stories over and over, with some women sharing stories of using peanut butter, mayonnaise, or WD-40 in last-ditch attempts to remove left-over glue.

After sourcing the right ingredients, Amy and Lisa created Nudi Spray, a UK-made 50ml spray of a cruelty-free, medical-grade solution which quickly removes patch glue.

Fitness expert and local resident Davina McCall recently took to social media to praise the product, saying: “A mate of mine has made something revolutionary… it is amazing!”

Speaking to the Times, Amy said: “It was great to have Davina’s support because she is the queen of all things menopause!

“For menopausal women, we were given half the solution, we got a huge relief in HRT but then we were left with this glue all over our bodies. Menopause is an enormous conversation and it’s only getting louder. Patch wearers should be seen, and we shouldn’t be hiding.

“We are not unclean, we have been given this problem and we haven’t been given the solution, until now!”

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