Ecommerce surplus to be donated to food bank with help of new partnership


ONLINE businesses looking to get rid of their surplus stock will now be able to donate their items to charity under a new waste solutions partnership.

Zendbox, a fulfilment provider, has partnered up with local community food bank Nourish to provide much-needed donations after the charity reported a dramatic decline in donations during the cost-of-living crisis.

The initiative gives online brands the ability to donate products that no longer have sale value to good causes, like Nourish, that might otherwise have been disposed of as waste.

Donations like this aim to support people in need of emergency food and supplies, while helping businesses to reduce their environmental impact.

The project is part of a wider partnership with Kent-based business S&S Distribution, who provide logistical solutions for palletised goods and work closely with Zendbox and Nourish.

Nourish Operations Director Dawn Stanford said: “Sadly, price increases have placed Nourish in a vicious cycle of needing more donations to support a growing number of people in crisis across Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas.

“Although we’ve been financially fortunate to sustain some donations with wholesale food purchases, our funds aren’t limitless. This makes partnerships like the one with Zendbox and S&S Distribution all the more valuable to us, as they play an important role in enabling Nourish to continue helping vulnerable families and individuals through tough times.”

“Zendbox ultimately shares our values and goals, and their enthusiasm for our work at Nourish has been clear from the get-go, so it’s a pleasure to welcome them to our corporate partnership network.

“Alongside S&S Distribution – who are very kindly collecting donations on our behalf – we’re incredibly grateful for the support that Zendbox and, in turn, their clients are providing, and we look forward to a successful, longstanding partnership.”

Michael Pollard, Zendbox Chief Operating Officer, said: “Excessive waste has long been an issue in ecommerce and, indeed, the logistics industry as a whole, but we’re determined to reduce the amount of waste we produce as a third-party logistics provider and help online businesses do the same for the benefit of a more sustainable future.

“Our team is passionate about supporting the amazing work that food banks do, so we’re really pleased to be partnered with Nourish.

“It offers a means for our clients to support a great cause, while keeping usable goods out of landfill, which is ultimately a win for the planet.

“We’re excited to work closely with Nourish to give back to our community and make a difference in the lives of those who need support.”

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