Does Tunbridge Wells have Kent’s cleanest carpets?

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With an average property value of £500,000 and constantly rising, it’s in Tunbridge Wells residents best interest to take pride in their home. With house prices continually on the rise in the area, it’s no wonder that homeowners want to keep all parts of their home in tip-top condition, including their carpets. Which begs the question. Does Tunbridge Wells have the cleanest carpets in Kent?

“Out of all our customers in the last year over 20 per cent of enquiries came from Tunbridge Wells residents and businesses” says Benjamin Cottie, operations manager for carpet cleaning at AAAClean. “Considering we cover the whole of Kent and East Sussex, that’s a lot of customers wanting carpet, curtain and upholstery cleaning all from one area.”

Professional carpet cleaning has evolved over the years, but that doesn’t stop people having misconceptions about the service. A common myth is that carpet cleaning is only for the rich and very wealthy, although that was partially true at one point, it’s no longer the case. Having your carpets cleaned nowadays is a fairly affordable service, with average prices starting at £40 per room. Taking into account that having your carpets cleaned increases the lifespan of your carpets, it’s quite a necessary and wise investment to make.

The safest and most effective carpet cleaning method is called Hot Water Extraction (often mistaken as steam cleaning). This cleaning process is recommended by hundreds of reputable carpet manufacturers all over the world. The machine injects hot water and special carpet cleaning detergent deep in to your carpets pile whilst the powerful vacuum extracts the water in to a recovery chamber in the machine along with any dirt, dust and debris along with it.

Hot water extraction is a much more eco-friendly carpet cleaning approach than carpet shampooing or bonnet cleaning. It only requires a small amount of detergent which means that less water is needed to remove any leftover residue. This also means that carpet dries a lot quicker. Depending on how deep of a clean is required, most carpets are dry within two to four hours. Hot water extraction is a safer cleaning technique for homes with pets and children and can promote a healthier lifestyle for people with allergies and other respiratory problems.

Carpet cleaning services are designed to be hassle free. The cleaning process generally works as follows: A technician will visit your home, inspect your carpet and have a quick chat with you about any stain concerns that you have. A pretreatment solution is applied, the carpet gently agitated, followed by an initial hot water extraction clean. At this point any stains remaining are treated with a commercial grade stain removal solution and that area is then worked on again. A final rinse of your carpets is then carried out usually with a deodoriser or lukewarm water to ensure all remaining detergent is extracted from your carpet. Finally carpet air blowers are switched on to increase the drying time even further. Most reputable carpet cleaning companies will move your furniture for you, ensuring there is minimal upheaval, allowing you to get on with your daily routine.

If you want to choose a professional carpet cleaning company to clean your carpets, curtains or upholstery ensure you are dealing with certified professionals only. Make sure the company is insured, they have positive reviews online and they use the very latest hot water extraction cleaning equipment for the job.

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