Disability awareness training is discounted for businesses

Disability awareness training is discounted for businesses

Bascule Disability Training says hate crimes against people with disabilities has ‘soared’, as revealed by a report conducted by the Leonard Cheshire charity last month.

The survey of 43 police forces in England and Wales found a 22 per cent national increase in disability hate crime since last year, and a 71 per cent rise in online hate crime.

Because of these figures, Bascule Disability Training says it will offer a 20 per cent discount on its disability awareness training to any Tunbridge Wells business for the remainder of 2019.

By doing so, it hopes to encourage these businesses to become more inclusive.

The proceeds from each business using Bascule will fund a day of free awareness training at a school of their choice to further improve attitudes to and awareness of disability.

Bascule Disability Training’s Managing Director, Chris Jay, said: “According to Scope, 53 per cent of people with disabilities say that they have experienced bullying or harassment at work because of their impairments, so the workplace is certainly an environment that could benefit from awareness training.

“Disability Awareness also provides a whole host of business benefits, improves staff attraction and retention, creates a positive profile and enhances customer service.”

He continued: “Any Tunbridge Wells business that takes up our services will not only receive our bespoke awareness training package, they will also fund a local school awareness day, helping children to develop a more positive understanding and empathy towards others with a disability.”

Bascule’s 20 per cent offer lasts until January 31, 2020. Details can be requested by emailing: info@bascule.com

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